Recognized expertise


Recognized by companies

They have trusted us since the school was established in 1961, by taking on our students as interns, for sandwich courses (in 5th year) and then by recruiting our graduates: Auchan, Kiabi, Decathlon, Renault…

Recognised by the delivery of a double diploma

The “ESTICE International Business School” diploma, delivered by the Lille Catholic University, is complemented by a Bachelor’s (3-year) and a Master’s (5-year) degree as part of an agreement with a State University. Our school therefore meets the international standards of the Lisbon Convention (Bachelor – Master – Doctorate).

Recognised by the International Trade specialists (MOCI)

Our school ranks among the top international business schools every year.

ESTICE – International Business School est une école de commerce international post-bac membre de l'Université Catholique de Lille.

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Nouveau site bientôt !

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