International Students


Sharing cultures


Welcoming international students is part of the global international policy of our school. ESTICE hosts students representing 25 nationalities and 16 languages. Students come on an academic exchange but also on a full-time basis attending all classes. French and international students get to work together on study projects so they are better equipped to work in a multi-cultural team later.

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Support to international students

A group of committed 2nd year students organizes activities to facilitate their adaptation and support them throughout their ESTICE experience. Taking them from the station to their residences, giving them information about the city, helping them discover the local cultural life, no effort will be spared to ensure the international students enjoy their stay.


With outings organised to Paris or Brussels, regional food tasting, an international Christmas party, there will be many opportunities to share.


Read the testimonial of two students on an academic exchange


Alejandro – Santa Clara University (USA) :

“The faculty and staff are so kind, and it’s obvious that they care about their international students and the students ability to face the world prepared.My first class only solidified my belief. My instructor provided a kind and fruitful environment for learning. I expect that the rest of my classes here at ESTICE will be just fulfilling.”


Joe – INHA University (South Korea) :

“Lille is an awesome city at the heart of Europe. It is very attractive because I can go to Brussels, London, Paris and Amsterdam on the week-ends. I like everything in Lille : its food, culture, architecture that are fresh and interesting. I think ESTICE is a well organized school to train international talented people.


Equipped with a variety of international exchange programs and an outstanding curriculum, ESTICE provides students with rich information and vision on the global market. This place has an excellent faculty and active students who are open-minded and smart.”

Study at ESTICE (course descriptions)

ESTICE – International Business School est une école de commerce international post-bac membre de l'Université Catholique de Lille.

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