Master’s Degree


The last two years will lead to a Master’s degree that complies with European requirements and standards.

80% of courses are taught in foreign languages, organised in seminars with a majority of presentations and case studies connected to international trade and the business world.

Master 1

Doing Business in the World, International Tourism, Business Ethics, Risk Management, Social Enterprise, Managing across cultures, 2nd language Business communication, 2nd language communication Project, 2nd language Press Review.

France-Finland project: cooperation with students from 10 different nationalities based in the JAMK university in Finland on a study project aiming at developing their international managerial skills

International Sourcing, International purchasing behaviours, International purchasing techniquesPurchasing ManagementProfessional Options choosing from:

International marketing strategic management
Consumer behaviours, marketing across cultures, merchandising and retail

Project and human resource management
Managing social conflict, International career management, Project Management

2nd semester:

- Academic exchange in a partner university(See the list of Academic Partners)


- a 5-month placement in a company abroad

Course descriptions

Master 2

Sandwich course: Alternating business experience with academic courses gives students the chance to activate their knowledge and apply their skills to real world situations. Schedule: 2 days at school/3 days in a company from November to March, and then 4 months full time in the company.

Business simulation game in Global Marketing Strategy, Motivating People & Structures, Human Resource Management, Global logistics, Change management, Total quality management, Keys to setting up a business, Specialist press analysis in 2nd foreign language

+ Professional Options, choosing from

Strategic Purchasing Management
Product/people/customer Development, Best Practices

Strategic International Marketing

Global Marketing Development, Best Practices

HR Strategy
Recruiting and developing potential, Best practices

+ multi-language option (Chinese or Russian)

Course descriptions

ESTICE – International Business School est une école de commerce international post-bac membre de l'Université Catholique de Lille.