Chrysoula Pangos, class of 2008

Global Accounts/export manager. Bram Group Industries (Israel)
My job consists mainly in managing a customer portfolio and developing it internationally through exports. I review sales strategies and distribution methods for each geographical area. I am in charge of the European, Japanese, American and Israeli markets. I travel internationally on a regular basis to meet our potential partners and customers.
I use foreign languages every day; I hardly use French, only for processing orders internally and transferring them to the production departments.
ESTICE taught me how to adapt to this pace, through the autonomy and open-mindedness we acquire during placements. Someone who has been immersed in a foreign country once can survive any business trip after that! Languages at a high level are definitely a bonus. Throughout our course, we learnt how to face complex cultural situations. Handling and understanding my customers’ cultures is my main asset! I can be a chameleon, interacting with others, trying to understand them beyond business.

Nathalie Da Costa, class of 2012

Nathalie Da Costa, Marketing Project Manager, Citizengate.
“When you manage the communications of an internationally-oriented company, it is fundamental to know how to communicate with different cultures, both verbally (relationships, language style…), and in writing (symbols, hidden messages…). Having received a thorough intercultural training and its application to the various areas of business, has made me incredibly open-minded, and even more so as I was able to put theory into practice many times, during various experiences abroad.”

Coralie Vilain, class of 2010

Buyers have a strategic role in companies: they must help them develop sales via purchasing, while reducing costs and therefore increasing profitability for the family of products. I think you must be curious and interested in your products and your market. You should also be a skilled, reliable negotiator and not be afraid of responsibilities. Personally, I also like the fact that I am constantly in contact with the different departments of the company: Sales, Finance, Stocks … and with clients abroad.

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