Bachelor’s Degree


50% of courses taught in foreign languages

The first 3 years of study are validated by a Bachelors Degree (3-year degree).

1st year

LANGUAGES : 13 hrs per week
English, 2nd language: German or Spanish, 3rd language: Chinese or Russian, American Culture, British Civilisation, Intercultural Communication

CORPORATE CULTURE : 13 hrs per week
Marketing, International Economics, Commercial Law, Business Communication, General and Company Economics, IT, Personal Development, Introduction to the Business Workplace, Current Events, Accounting, Geopolitics

– Weekly continuous assessment

- 2 hrs Sport per week
- English language placement: 2-4 months in an English-speaking environment working or volunteering in order to improve language skills and experience the culture.

Course descriptions

2nd year

LANGUAGES : 10 hrs per week
Business English, English Translation, English – preparation to BULATS, Intercultural Communication, German or Spanish: business and culture, 3rd foreign language: Chinese or Russian

CORPORATE CULTURE : 16 hrs per week
International trade, Purchasing, Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Project Management, Company Communication, Financial Accounting, Labour Law, IT, Interpersonal communication

- Student project by theme (Communications, Internationalization at Home, Business Development, Community service, Student life). Each group of students identifies a series of objectives and organizes appropriate events.

- Weekly continuous assessment

- Placement abroad : 2-4 months in the country of the 2nd foreign language (Germany, Austria or Spain, Latin America) working or volunteering in order to improve language skills and experience the culture.

Course descriptions

3rd year

LANGUAGES : 10 hrs per week
English Translation, 2nd foreign language: German or Spanish, 3rd foreign language: Chinese, Russian

CORPORATE CULTURE : 16 hrs per week
Socially Responsible Purchasing, Management, Events Management, Negotiation, E-Marketing, Tourism, International Logistics, International Media Analysis, Doing Business For Humanity, Customs Law, European Affairs, Commercial Contracts Law, Market Research, International Law, World Religions and Contemporary Society

- Video Project

- Weekly continuous assessment

*The second semester may be spent abroad in a partner university (Look at the list of Academic Partners)
- Placements in France or abroad : a minimum of 3 months in a company

Course descriptions

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